Where can Graduates in Biology Education Work in Nigeria

If you are aspiring to study biology education in any tertiary institution in Nigeria, this post is for you.

Perhaps, you are already studying biology education in any tertiary institution; this post is also for you.

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Before I proceed, you should know what biology education is about.

Biology Education

The term biology is derived from two Greek words; BIOS and Logos. BIOS means ‘life’ and Logos means ‘to study’.

Biology is therefore the scientific study of the life and structure of plants and animals.

The study of plants and animals is crucial for the continued survival of living things. It is also necessary if some advancement would have to take place.

 The study of biology may fade out with time if the discipline of biology education does not exist.

Biology education is therefore the teaching or impacting of the knowledge and skill of biology on people.

It is simply the study of educating people in the most effective methods on the study of biology.

Careers in Biology education in Nigeria

As a biology educationist, you find yourself pursuing a job as a;

  • Teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Librarian

Where can Graduates in Biology Education work in Nigeria?

The field of biology education will enhance you with very unique and strong teaching skills. You would be able to pass the knowledge of biology with so much flare down to others.

Your skill and knowledge will therefore be mostly needed where education on biology is necessitated.

Graduates in Biology Education can Work in the following industries or firms in Nigeria;

  • Tertiary institution
  • Secondary schools
  • Banks (they accept almost any discipline)
  • Library
  • Government agencies

Duties of a Graduate in Biology Education in Nigeria

Graduates in biology education in Nigeria should be able to perform the following roles depending on the establishment they offer their services to;

  1. Effectively teach students the theories and practical of biology
  2. Incite students to passion for biology as a subject
  3. Work with educational technologies like multimedia to enhance learning
  4. Must be sensitive to students information needs in relation to biology
  5. Develop effective method that would enhance students’ learning or understanding of biology.

Prospects of Biology Education in Nigeria

The field of biology is essential in secondary schools for the study of most science courses in tertiary institutions.

There is therefore a high demand for effective biology educationists in secondary schools to impact the knowledge of biology in students.

Biologist educationists could also be specialized as lecturers in tertiary institutions in fields like biology education, biology, biochemistry, botany, zoology etc.

How to Become a Biology Education in Nigeria

To become a biology educationist in Nigeria, you must have a strong passion for biology and teaching.

You must find it easy to work with teenagers.

Obtaining a degree in biology education is another big step you would have to take. This should be no big deal, since, there are lots of tertiary institutions that allows admission into the program of biology education

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