Where can a Linguist Work in Nigeria?

This post aims to expose some of the employment opportunities available for linguists in Nigeria.

Before I proceed, you should know what linguistics is all about.

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Linguistics can be simply be defined as the scientific study of language.

In a wider view, linguistics is the scientific study of language and its structure, including the study of grammar, syntax, and phonetics.

Linguist experts study human languages while observing the interplay between sound and meaning.

You may be curious to know where linguistics would find its application or where would the degree be of use.

The study of language is an important one since is the principal of communication.

As we proceed in this article, you will understand fully the areas in which linguistics would find its application in Nigeria.

Careers Opportunities in Linguistics in Nigeria

As a linguist, you can find yourself pursuing the following job in Nigeria;

  • Publishing copy-editor/ Proofreader
  • English as a foreign language teacher
  • Speech and language therapist
  • Talent agent
  • Teaching assistant
  • English as a foreign language teacher
  • Marketing executive
  • Lexicographer
  • Digital copywriter
  • Translator
  • Editorial assistant
  • Information officer
  • Marketing executive
  • School teacher
  • Public librarian
  • Public relations officer
  • Social researcher

Where can a Linguist work in Nigeria?

Linguists can study languages deeply even from their smallest component (phonemes/phonetics) to large components (Sentences and syntax, pragmatics, semantics).

Linguists study languages because it is the principal instrument for communication.

Linguists are therefore relevant human resources in areas such as speech pathology language pedagogy, search engines, machine translation, editing, publishing etc.

Linguists can therefore gain employment or work in the following industries or firms in Nigeria;

  • Media firms 
  • Publishing firms
  • Marketing firms
  • Public relations firms
  • Law firms
  • Banks
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Tertiary institution
  • Secondary schools

Skills Required of a Linguist in Nigeria

Linguists in Nigeria should possess the following important skills;

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Excellent written skills
  3. Self-management skill
  4. Must be able to work successfully with a team
  5. Analytical skill
  6. Time management skill
  7. Ability to pay attention to details
  8. Critical thinking skill
  9. Research skill

Prospects of Linguists in Nigeria

The importance of communication in Nigeria and the rest of the world cannot be understated.

Linguists are therefore in demand by these employers.

How to Become a Linguist in Nigeria

There are so many Nigerian universities now offering linguistics and communication studies as a course.

You can also obtain a degree in related disciplines like the English language, mass communication, creative writing, philosophy etc.

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