Peterhouse International Studentships Competition at University of Cambridge – UK

The administrative body of Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, UK welcomes applications from international students for the Peterhouse Graduate Studentships Competition for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Peterhouse provides several postgraduate students scholarships every year, either pairing with other awarding bodies or complete funding by the Institution. Applicants should be notified that the awards are very competitive as always, as the College can only award not less than fifty applicants for each studentship.

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Meanwhile, applicants are expected to be of high academic and intellectual caliber, as the previously successful candidates and beneficiaries of this award have all achieved high GPA scores of not less than 3.80. Winners of this award will be earning a scholarship amount worth $48,200.  

The scholarship will be covering both fees and maintenance for a maximum of three years. If an applicant is to lack funds from other sources, then their Studentship will settle both University and College fees, and additional maintenance funds at a similar level as Arts and Humanities Research Council awards.

The application for the 2021 Peterhouse International Studentships Competition, however, is not for students that already have full funding, but for those that lack enough funds. The competition is scheduled at the University of Cambridge.

About The University of Cambridge

The University of Waterloo, founded in 1957, has always been at the pinnacle in terms of innovation and primarily focuses on transformational research and inspired programs. It is famous for its astounding Engineering and Physical Sciences Program.

According to the Times Higher Education magazine, it is ranked as the 75th university in the world. It offers one of the world’s most extensive academic co-op programs. Waterloo provides over 100 undergraduates degrees and more than 190 graduate programs.

The university features six faculties and 12 faculty-based schools for administering academic programs. Its location at the heart of Canada’s technology hub makes it an ideal institution for students to gain further practical knowledge on technology-based courses.

The university is a publicly funded research university and a member of the Association of Universities and College of Canada. It functions on a term-based system, with fall, winter, and spring terms. Undergraduate programs comprise the majority of the school’s enrolment, made up of 24,377 full-time and part-time undergraduate students.

Eligibility Criteria

We all know that the Peterhouse International Studentships Competition is very appealing, and lots of students would want to compete. Therefore, just like some other notable studentship competitions, it has its own eligibility criteria. In other words, you have to be qualified or eligible to apply for it.

To be eligible, applicants must be accepted as postgraduate students by the University of Cambridge. We think that’s all it requires to be qualified for the application, at least for now.

Award Benefit Information

The value of the award for the Peterhouse International Studentships Competition at Cambridge University is $48,200, which is a whopping sum to cover every student’s academic and maintenance needs.

How to Apply

To apply for the University of Cambridge’s Peterhouse International Studentships Competition applicants are required to apply on the university’s application portal. Applicants will have more information about the application for the studentship here. Meanwhile, to apply, click on Application Link.

Application Deadline

The ongoing Peterhouse International Studentships Competition application entry deadline has been set for the 7th January 2022; hence, applicants have between now and then to apply. Meanwhile, Visit The Official Website For More Information.

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