Nurse Practitioner Salary in Ontario

Canada is in need of health professionals. Nurse practitioners are critically important to the Canadian economy. It is important to know that Canadians do not joke with their health.      In this article, I would be revealing to you nurse practitioner salary in Ontario.

Are Nurse Practitioners needed in Ontario?

Ontario is one of the best provinces to find work as a nurse in Canada. Ontario requires about 17, 000 registered nurses (RN) to match the RN-to population ratio. In other words, Ontario is need of nurse practitioners. In order to meet fill up this large gap, Ontario has developed the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). This program allows foreigners into Ontario to meet the economic demands of the province.

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Who are Nurse Practitioners?

Nurses provide patients care. Registered nurses can further their studies by earning an advanced degree and becoming advanced practice registered nurses (APRN). These nurses are able to perform more responsibilities beyond what just a nurse could do. A popular type of advanced practice registered nurse is the nurse practitioner.

According to Wikipedia, a nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse and a type of mid-level practitioner. NPs are trained to assess patient needs, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose disease, formulate and prescribe treatment plans.

Responsibilities of a Nurse Practitioner

According to the balance careers, a nurse practitioner will typically perform the following duties or responsibilities;

  1. Conduct health assessments including recording complete medical and psychosocial history
  2. Record symptoms
  3. Physically examine patients
  4. Make diagnoses
  5. Develop a treatment plan that may include medication and other therapies
  6. Provide patient education to promote habits that will prevent diseases and maintain good health
  7. Collaborate with other healthcare providers, including physicians and nurses
  8. Order and interpret laboratory test results
  9. Follow up on a patient to determine the effectiveness of recommended treatments

Nurse practitioners specialize in different areas. Some of these areas include;

  1. Cardiology
  2. Emergency
  3. Family practice
  4. Geriatrics
  5. Neonatology
  6. Nephrology
  7. Oncology
  8. Pediatrics
  9. Primary care
  10. Psychiatry
  11. School health
  12. Women’s health

Where can Nurse Practitioners work in Canada?

Nurse practitioners are health professionals so normally; there is a high demand for nurse practitioners in healthcare facilities. The following are some of the employers of nurse practitioners in Canada;

  1. hospitals
  2. medical offices
  3. community clinics
  4. schools
  5. birthing centers
  6. patient homes

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Ontario

Finally, we will reveal to you nurses practitioner salary in Ontario! According to Indeed Canada, Nurse practitioners in Ontario earn an average of;

  • $54.17 per hour
  • $149 per day
  • $5,119 per month
  • $72,295 per year

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