NAIST International Scholar Program Japan – Completely Funded

Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) welcomes highly motivated international students looking for world-class interdisciplinary graduate post-graduate studies on information, biological, or materials sciences to participate in the NAIST International Scholar program in Japan.

The NAIST program also invites scientists, engineers, and others presently engaged in research who demonstrate a special interest in scientific pursuit to apply in this award program and stand a chance to win NAIST’s financial support, called NAIST International Scholarship.

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To be eligible for this program, NAIST demands that you are an international student who finances yourself without government support, shows high academic ability and ambition, and passed through the Screening of International Students through Special Recommendation.

About NAIST International Scholar Program

The NAIST International Scholar Program is a scholarship program that provides qualified and eligible students to focus on academics and research programs, so as to promote the globalization of education/research at NAIST (Nara Institute of Science and Technology).

Eligibility Criteria

We all know that the NAIST International Scholar Program is very appealing, and lots of students would want to compete. Therefore, just like many other notable scholarship offers, NAIST has its own eligibility criteria and requirements.

In other words, you have to be qualified or eligible to apply for it. To be eligible, applicants must be privately financed international students that have successfully gone through and passed the Screening of International Students by Special Recommendation and will be further enrolled in a doctoral course at NAIST.

Screening Exercise

The screening exercise is carried out by the NAIST Board of Education and approved by the President of NAIST.

Scholarship Benefit Information

The NAIST International Scholar program benefit are as follows;

  1. Overseas travel expenses from the recipient’s country to Japan
  2. Employment as a research assistant
  3. Enrollment fee
  4. Tuition and
  5. Other support considered necessary by the President of NAIST

Admission Capacity & Term of Scholarship

  1. The number of the NAIST International Scholarship recipients is set each year by the President of NAIST according to the university’s financial situation.
  2. The term of the NAIST International Scholarship is limited to three years from the date of enrollment in a NAIST doctoral course. However, support will not be provided during leaves of absence from school.

Other Miscellaneous Offers or Provisions

Apart from the terms specified in this program, there are other necessary additional bonuses provided by the NAIST International Scholarship which will be implemented by the authority of the President of NAIST based upon mandates proposed by the NAIST Education Research Council.

How to Apply

It’s quite simple. If you are interested and eligible for the NAIST International Scholar program, just click on the button below to apply.

Application Link

Application Deadline:

Fortunately, the deadline for the NAIST International Scholar program has not been announced or confirmed yet. Nevertheless, you can start applying as soon as possible, to avoid being taken unawares. For more information, kindly visit the NAIST Official website.

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