Moving to Israel: The Best Guide For You

Israel is a very popular destination because travelers are interested in exploring the Holy Land. There are so many fascinating things about Israel. For instance, Israel is the only country that has more trees than it does some 50 years ago. Israel also has more museums per capita than any other country.

The country also boasts of ancient beauty, especially in cities like Jerusalem and Haifa.

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For whatsoever reasons you might be wishing to move to Israel for, this guide should be of help to you.

Moving to Israel as a Jew


All Jews regardless of where they were given birth easily move to Israel. Anyone that is a convert to Judaism and is not a member of any other religion can move to Israel. Such a person would enjoy the full benefits of being an Israeli citizen.

However, as a result of an agreement with the Israeli government, the Jewish agency shoulders the immigration of the Jews seeking to settle in Israel.

Moving to Israel to Join your Spouse

If you have a husband or wife in Israel, you can join them there. In order to do so, you should apply for the Israeli A/4 visa. This permit spouses to meet their spouses in Israel. Also, this may limit the spouse coming from another country not to working there or studying there. The A/4 visa does not allow you to work or study in Israel. If you wish to study or work in Israel, then you must consider applying for a relevant Israel work visa or study visa.

Moving to Israel for Employment

Another expressway to move to Israel is through employment. The general type of work permit provided by Israeli law to foreigners is the Israeli B/1 visa. An employee who has already secured a job in Israel can apply for a B/1 visa.

You can apply for a B/1 work visa for jobs that fall under the following options;

  • Specialists work in academic fields (including; senior supervisors, senior executives, auditors, engineers for research and development teams, etc.)
  • Specialists work in non-academic fields
  • Experts work for up to 3 months;
  • High tech work visa
  • Work in Israel for up to 45 days

Moving to Israel for Studying

Here is another option to move to Israel. Israel permits foreigners who are interested in studying in Israel to move to Israel. You can study in Israel by applying for the Israeli A/2 student visa. However, this visa does not permit you to work.

In addition, the A/2 student visa is made available to student at all ages from abroad to live and study in Israel , include those in basic and high schools, college, and youth institutions of the Jewish agency.

However, note that the A/2 student visa only last for a year before it expires, but can be renewed if you are yet to finish your visa applications.


we believe that we have unraveled the four different choices for moving to Israel. The decision is left for you to make.

If you have any challenges in your quest to move to Israel, hit us in the comment section below and we will be glad to help you.


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