L1 Visa to Green Card – Process, Requirement, Cost

The L1 visa is useful to foreign workers who wish to transfer to a related US company to work as a manager, executive, or specialized knowledge worker. However, the L1 visa does not permit you to stay in the US permanently since it is a non-immigrant visa. It is temporary and would not directly lead you to earn a green card.

This guide would discuss what it takes to go from an L1 visa to a green card.

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L1 Visa


L1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa that enables foreign companies to transfer managers, executives or specialized knowledge workers to a related company in the US. The foreign company must possess a relationship with the related company in the US.

However, note that the L1 visa gets valid for a very short period of time.

Types of L1 visa

There are two types of L1 visas;

  • L1A
  • L1B

How to go from L1 Visa to Green Card

This process of moving from an L1 visa to a green card is known as adjustment of status. This process depends on the type of L1 visa you possess; whether it is an L1A visa or an L1B visa

L1A visa to Green card

If you have an L1A visa, then you would have to apply for an employment Green Card under the EB1C category.

To qualify for an EB1C visa you must;

  • Have been employed in a managerial or executive capacity at a company or organisation outside the United States for at least a year during the three years preceding the petition.
  • Have entered the US to continue service with that company or organisation, or an affiliate or subsidiary, again in a managerial or executive capacity.
  • Your US employer must have been doing business for at least one year, as an affiliate, a subsidiary, or as the same company or organisation that employed you abroad.
  • There must continue to be a qualifying relationship between the U.S. and overseas company or organisation, meaning that there needs to be common ownership and control.

L1B visa to Green card

To obtain a green card with an L1B status, you will have to apply under the EB2 category (advanced degree) or the EB2 category (skilled or professional worker). This would require your US employer to obtain an approved labour certification from the US Department of Labor (DOL) before submitting the immigration petition.

The DOL labour certification would check the following

  • That there are insufficient available, qualified and willing U.S. workers to fill the position being offered at the prevailing wage.
  • Hiring a foreign worker will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of similarly employed U.S. workers.

This process can be very long.

How long does it take to move from L1 Visa to a Green card?

The processing time varies based on the type of L1 visa. Generally, the process of moving from an L1A visa to a green card can take up to 12 months while it takes L1B visa holders 18 months and above.

How much would it cost?

Here’s a breakdown of the cost associated with moving from a L1B visa to a green card

  • PERM cost: free
  • I-140 filing fee: $700
  • I-485 filing fee: $750-$1,140.
  • Biometrics fee (if applicable): $85
  • DS-260 fee (if applicable): $230.
  • Premium processing fee (optional): $1,440
  • Attorney fee: This fee would be given to you by your attorney



We assume we have discussed L1 Visa and its types and how to transition from an L1 visa to a green card. It is important you note that you do not need to go about this process all by yourself. You can always hire an attorney to put you through. Comment in the section below if you have any issue.

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