Immigration Officer Salary in Canada

According to reports of 38 salaries made in this job position updated on February 5 2022, the national average bases salary for an Immigration Officer is $49,374 per year in Canada earning $21.34 per hour.

Now you may be wondering who an immigration officer is and what do they do to earn this amount of money on an annual basis. Dive with us into this article and let’s take you on a tour showing you who an immigration officer is and what their responsibilities entail in far eastern Canada

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Who is an Immigration Officer?

An immigration officer is charged with helping with immigration processes that will revolve around evaluating the validity of information on applications provided by people who are trying to get visas, citizenship, or maybe seek refuge.

An immigration officer usually works in an office setting, but they sometimes need to travel to appear in court. They work at the federal, provincial or municipal level.

Immigration officers work for the government through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) which is a department of the government of Canada responsible for all issues regarding immigration, getting citizenship and refugees. The main objective of the department is to screen incoming, temporary, or permanent residents in order to safeguard the health, safety, and security of all Canadian citizens.

Becoming an Immigration Officer

 A career as rewarding as that of an immigration officer comes with a lot of enticing perks. If at all you are thinking about a career as an immigration officer, this section of this article gives an insight into information on how to get your career started. This information includes:

  • Gain Experience or education

Considered an entry-level position, there is no official education requirement for becoming an immigration officer. In most cases, immigration officers start by working as assistants at government or military branches. However, earning a bachelor’s degree may replace the need to hold a federal service position.

  • Pass a Civil Service Exam
  • Write or Edit your Resume

Be sure to include your objectives, qualifications, experience, and education background in your resume and make sure the resume appears neat and organized.

  • Find a Job

Once your resume has been organized neatly and made ready, you can start submitting applications for the position of an immigration officer.

  • Acquire New Skills
  • Improve your Credentials

Requirements to work as an immigration officer

There are some requirements to become an immigration officer, including:

  • Citizenship or residency: You must have Canadian citizenship, permanent residency or national status.
  • Age: You must be 18 years or older.
  • Language proficiency: You must be able to speak both English and French at a working level.
  • Physical fitness: As the job may require you to be active, being physically fit is important. You may be required to pass a fitness exam before you can work as an immigration officer.
  • Clean records: A thorough background check will determine whether you have a clean criminal record, which is mandatory for becoming an immigration officer. Your driving record should also be clean and you should keep an active driver’s license.
  • Drug screening: You must pass a drug test.

As an immigration information officer, you may work with immigrants once they’ve met the legal qualifications necessary to enter the country. You may also need to appear in court and must continue to educate yourself on the newest immigration rules and regulations.

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