How to Immigrate to Canada as a Truck Driver

Canada needs immigrants! Immigrants are important to Canada because they contribute to the economy and create jobs for Canadians. If you are a truck driver, then Canada needs you. This article would reveal to you how you can immigrate to Canada as a truck driver.

Transport truck drivers are extremely important to the Canadian economy. This occupation is on the Canadian NOC List under code 7511. This simply means that truck drivers are eligible to immigrate to Canada.

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Truck Drivers

According to the National Occupational Classification, truck drivers operate heavy trucks to transport goods and materials over international, urban, interurban and provincial routes. Some major employers include; manufacturing and distribution companies, transportation companies, moving companies and employment service agencies, or they may be self-employed.

Truck drivers can be employed as;

  • Automobile carrier driver
  • Freight truck driver
  • Low-bed semi-trailer driver
  • Mobile cement mixer driver
  • Mobile concrete mixer driver
  • Moving truck driver
  • Shunt truck driver
  • Tow truck driver
  • Fuel oil truck driver
  • Gasoline truck operator
  • Gravel hauler
  • Gravel truck driver
  • Moving van driver
  • Bulk goods truck driver
  • Flatbed truck driver
  • Logging truck driver
  • Long haul truck driver
  • Moving van driver
  • Truck driver, tractor-trailer
  • Truck driver, heavy truck

Main Duties of Truck Drivers in Canada

Some of the likely duties of Truck Drivers include;

  • Operate and drive trucks weighing over 4600 kg to transport goods from one destination to another
  • Monitor the condition of equipment and goods in the truck
  • Regularly inspect the truck condition such as tires, brakes, engines and so on
  • May transport hazardous products such as petrol and gasoline
  • Perform emergency road side repairs
  • Obtain special permits and other documents required to transport cargo on international routes
  • Record cargo information, distance travelled, fuel consumption and other information in log book or on on-board computer
  • Communicate with dispatcher and other drivers using two-way radio, cellular telephone and on-board computer.

Requirements to be Employed as a Truck Driver in Canada

According to the NOC, some of the requirements to be employed as a truck driver in Canada include;

  • Must complete your secondary school
  • On the job training is needed
  • A Class D license is needed to drive straight trucks
  • A Class A license  is needed to drive articulated trucks
  • Air brake endorsement (Z) is needed for drivers who operate vehicles equipped with air brakes.
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) certification is needed for drivers who transport hazardous products or dangerous goods.

Immigrate to Canada as a Truck Driver

There are three ways to immigrate to Canada as a truck driver;

1. Express Entry:

You can immigrate to Canada as a truck driver through the express entry program. This is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada as a truck driver because it takes only about six months to process.

2. Through a Job Offer:

If you have a job offer from a Canadian employer, then it would be very much easier to immigrate to Canada as a truck driver. You can do this by applying to the Temporary Worker Program. This can help you gain valuable experience which can give you an edge if you wish to stay permanently in Canada.  

3. Provincial Nominee Program:

This is almost similar to the Express Entry Program. The Provincial Nominee Programs allows you to become a truck driver in a specific Canadian province or territory.

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