F4 visa processing time

F4 Visa is one of the U.S. Family-Based Green Cards. Every year, about 65,000 visas are granted to foreign immigrants.

F4 visas are granted to foreign immigrants who are brothers or sisters of U.S. citizens. It is important you know that a permanent resident cannot sponsor a family member for an F4 visa.

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The F4 Visa if granted, allow the brothers or sisters of U.S. citizens to stay in the U.S. permanently. During their stay in the United States of America, they are permitted to work without restrictions and study at any US academic institution.

Who is Eligible for the F4 Visa?

The F4 Visa is for those who are siblings of U.S. citizens. For this process to work, the U.S. citizens must fulfill the following requirements;

  1. They have US citizenship
  2. They are 21 years of age or older
  3. They have siblings in a foreign country and are able to prove your relationship through birth certificates or other documents
  4. They are living in the US and have a valid address there.

Supporting Documents Required for the F4 Visa

In addition to the application forms, you would also be required to submit the following documents to qualify for the F4 Visa;

  1. Passport valid for at least six months past your planned admission into the US. If you are bringing your dependents with you, make sure to include their passports too.
  2. Confirmation page of Form DS-260
  3. Form I-864, Affidavit of Support signed by the US petitioner
  4. Proof of having attended a medical examination and having received all the required vaccinations
  5. Two passport size photographs per individual
  6. Marriage and birth certificates (if applicable)
  7. Divorce certificate for those who have previously been married
  8. Criminal records and any police certificates
  9. Military records for those who have served in the military.

Cost of F4 Visa

Here’s is a breakdown of the following fees you would have to pay to acquire the F4 Visa;

  1. $535 for the processing of Form I-130 – to be paid by the US sponsor when they are submitting the petition to USCIS
  2. $325 for the processing of Form DS-260
  3. $120 for the processing of the Affidavit of Support
  4. $220 for the USCIS Immigrant Fee – to be paid after you receive your F4 Visa and before you arrive in the US

F4 Visa Processing Time

F4 Visa processing time varies for many people. You should be prepared to wait for years before your F4 Visa is considered. It is not uncommon to wait for a long time before your F4 Visa is processed. F4 processing time can take up to a year and more.



You should note that the F4 Visa processing time can take a very long time. This is however uncommon, as it has been this way. It is advisable you hire an immigration lawyer that would support you throughout this process.

Do well to drop us a comment in the comment section below if you find any challenges on your course for applying for the F4 visa.

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