Cyber Security Salary in Nigeria

Do you wish to become a cyber-security analyst someday or are you just searching to know the cyber security salary in Nigeria? For whatever reason, this article will be of relevance to you.

We aim to give you an overview of the cyber security salary in Nigeria or how much a cyber-security analyst would earn in Nigeria. Before, we go deep into the core of this article; it is of relevance you know who cyber security analysts are and what they do.

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Who is a Cyber Security Analyst?

A cyber security analyst is someone that helps an organization detect, prevent and manage cyber threats by employing the use of different technologies and processes.

Tasks or Duties of a Cyber Security Analyst

A cyber security analyst would typically perform the following responsibilities or tasks depending on the establishment they offer their services to;

  1. Stay current with trends in cyber security technology.
  2. Continuously researching about current cyber threats or attack in the world of cyber security.
  3. Detect or monitor suspicious activities
  4. Ethical hacking
  5. Design and improving effective security systems
  6. Test security systems to measure its efficiency
  7. Always prepared for any event of security breaches
  8. Employ the use of analytical tools to discover emerging threats patterns
  9. Corporate with the organization’s executives by giving them recommendations on effective ways to enforce their cyber security system
  10.  Monitor or detect spam emails
  11.  Discover potential weaknesses of existing cyber security systems
  12.  Teach or educate potential or young cyber security analyst best practices in cyber security.

Cyber Security Salary in Nigeria

After having an idea of some of the core duties of a cyber security analysts, you are now ready to have an insight into “cyber security salary in Nigeria”.

It is important to note that there are key factors that determine how much cyber security would earn you in Nigeria.

Cyber security salary would be influenced by the following factor;

  1. Sector of employment
  2. Educational qualification
  3. Experience.
  4. Size of Establishment

Let me explain this a bit.

Sector of Employment:

Cyber security experts or analysts can work in any organization. Their services are relevant in any industry in Nigeria ranging from finance to government to manufacturing to sports and the list goes on.

Cyber security salary in Nigeria is therefore influenced by the sector they work for.

Cyber security salary in Nigeria would be very high in the following sectors;

  • Oil and gas
  • IT firms
  • Government
  • Finance (banks, insurance etc.)

In the above industries, cyber security salary can be as high as N500, 000 per month and N6, 000, 000 per annum.

Educational qualification:

Educational qualification is another significant factor that influences cyber security salary in Nigeria. The more you are educationally qualified as a cyber-security analyst, the higher your chances are to earn big in the establishment you work for.


Years of experience also matters a lot in determining how much a cyber-security analyst would earn in Nigeria. A cyber security analyst with up to 10 years of experience would earn more than those with just three years of experience. The reason for this is the belief that those with higher experiences are likely to possess much more profound skills in cyber security.

Size of Establishment:

The size of the establishment is a significant factor in measuring cyber security salary in Nigeria. Organizations are likely to pay cyber security experts in accordance with their financial strength.

See an overview of cyber security salary in Nigeria according to the size of the establishment.

  • Big establishment: Up to N700, 000
  • Average establishment: N150, 000 to N350, 000
  • Small Establishment: N80, 000 to N150, 000

That’s what you need to know about “cyber security salary in Nigeria”. Let me know your view in the comment section below.

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