Construction Helper Jobs in Canada

Do you plan on moving to Canada and further seek for jobs in Canada as a construction helper? You’re in the right place as this post will guide you and let you in on every information you should have before you embark on this endeavour.

Who is a construction Helper?

These are skilled workers who work on construction sites where they are considered qualified to carry out several on-site tasks ranging from removing debris to scaffolding, loading and offloading building materials and providing assistance with operating heavy equipment.

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Being a construction helper requires you to participate in different construction projects and adhere to construction sketches and instructions from the construction site director. Regardless of experience not considered a major factor for this job, you will have to be physically fit and be a fast learner.

What are the job descriptions of a construction worker?

A construction helper is responsible for helping construction workers to carry out a variety of tasks that include tidying up work areas, offloading materials, preparing worksites, cleaning debris, and executing other tasks as assigned.

A construction helper plays several crucial roles by expediting the completion of construction systems.
A variety of job openings may use the services of construction helpers, like the carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, and roofers, while some other construction helpers may work in colourful companies as full-time workers or on a part-time ground.

The construction helper job description entails several tasks that are needed in a construction area.
It is expected of the construction worker to complete a wide variety of tasks under the daily activities. These wide varieties of tasks may include offloading materials like processed wood, tools, and other necessary and applicable equipment at a construction ground.

A construction helper may at different times be charged with the responsibility of loading materials and equipment that will be transported from one site of construction to another.

Upon transportation of this equipment, the construction helper may be required to set the equipment up for use at the site of construction. These setups may involve setting up work stations, running lines for power tools, erecting scaffolding, laying out tools, preparing forms for the pouring of concrete on foundations, handing varying tools to workers as they perform their different tasks.

A construction helper may also be responsible for assisting with architecture and other tasks or for performing light construction duties similar as pouring concrete on foundations, installing sheetrock, operating different equipment, digging fosses, nailing boards together for framing, assisting tradesmen with the installation of windows, electrical or plumbing systems, or other areas of the construction design.
The job part of a construction helper demands that the ideal seeker should demonstrate certain skills and qualities to be effective on the job.

These include good mechanical chops, excellent physical stamina and/ or strength, good listening skills, well-developed organizational skills, decent calculation skills, excellent time operation skills, strong interpersonal skills, and the capability to be a team player; good verbal and spoken communication skills and excellent time operation skills.
In terms of academic qualifications, the majority of employers don’t bear prospective candidates for the construction helper position to hold a postsecondary degree.

Still, a High School diploma may be generally needed.
Some employers may also accept candidates who have little experience on the job.

Construction Helper Salary:

The average payment for a construction coadjutor is $38,100 annually.

Resume Description for Construction Helper Job

When composing your resume or CV for the job of a construction helper, you stand a better chance at getting the job when you include your professional or work experience provided you’ve acquired some.

Giving information about your past work experience which shows that you have been successful in performing your duties and responsibilities as a construction helper will give your resume or CV a boost.

Provision of this piece of information will be highly effective to your job application if the new job that you are seeking requires the construction helper work experience to be on it.


This article is of good use to individuals who are interested in the construction helper career. This article will help them increase their knowledge of the duties and responsibilities associated with the job position.

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