Brewer at Labatt Breweries Canada

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description

Dreaming big is in our DNA. Brewing the world’s most loved beers and creating meaningful experiences is what inspires us. We are owners, empowered to lead real change, deliver on tough challenges, and take accountability for the results. We are looking for talent that shares these values, that is ambitious, bold & resilient. We want talent that is looking for fast career growth, cross-functional experiences, global exposure and robust training & development.

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Your Responsibilities as a Brewer at Labatt Breweries Canada

  1. Operate all Brewhouse equipment with computer/PLC interface by Safety, Environmental, and Quality standards
  2. Demonstrated ability to learn BOTEC Brewing software and other software used in the Brewing Process
  3. Good decision-making skills based on the feedback from information provided by the PLC interface and other related information
  4. Material handling: transfer, milling and weighing of grain
  5. Responsible for day-to-day process in brewing (Mashing, lautering, boiling, cooling)
  6. Record keeping – detailed reports of Brewhouse parameters and maintaining accurate and complete HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) records
  7. Daily housekeeping in Brewhouse and intensive weekly cleaning of Brewhouse equipment and vessels
  8. Repair and overhaul duties throughout the year
  9. Understand and use standard operation procedures (SOPs)
  10. Quality sampling, testing and record-keeping related to the brewing process as required

Pay Rate:


Education Required for the Job

  • High school diploma or equivalent. Post-secondary education is considered an asset
  • Formal brewing education preferred (diploma in brewing, Kwantlen University, Olds, Niagara, IBD, or equivalent).

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