BASF West Africa Salary (Is it worth it?)

Are you interested in working at BASF West Africa or are you just interested in knowing BASF West Africa salary structure. Either way, this article “BASF West Africa salary” would be of relevance to you.

We wish to provide you with an overview of the BASF West Africa salary. Just keep reading to find out.

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Firstly, it is pertinent that you have a glimpse of what the BASF West Africa is all about. This will help to reinforce your choice of pursuing a career towards working with the BASF West Africa.

About BASF West Africa

BASF is one of the most reputable companies in the world. They believe in the changing power of chemistry. This global company is operating in almost all the countries of the world.

Among its facets is the BSAF West Africa. The BSAF West Africa was incorporated in the year, 2012 and has continued to flourish since then.

BSAF West Africa follows the footprint of its parent organization by operating under the following areas; oil and gas, care chemicals, human nutrition and health, performance materials, care chemicals, crop protection, and intermediates and flexible packaging solutions.

More details about BSAF West Africa.

Are you looking for more details about BASF West Africa? If you are, the below information would be of relevance to you;

BASF West Africa Official Website:

BASF West Africa Address:

BASF West Africa Limited,

1 Illupeju Bypass,

Illupeju Industrial Estate

Lagos, Nigeria.


Tel: +2348139842470

BASF West Africa Salary

If you are currently reading this heading, I believe that you already know a thing or more about BASF West Africa. It is now time to have a free view of BASF West Africa salary.

It is pertinent to take cognizant of the disparity of payment of different workers of BASF West Africa.

On average, workers at BASF West Africa can earn around N250, 000 per month which amount to N3, 000, 000 per annum. This implies that some BASF West Africa workers would earn more than this while some would earn less. Junior or entry staff working at BASF West Africa would earn around N150, 000 per month which can amount up to N1, 800, 000 per annum. Top staff working at BASF West Africa can earn around N500, 000 per month which is about N6, 000, 000 per annum.

Do you wish to get employed in BASF West Africa? Here’s what you can do?

Do you wish to be employed at BASF West Africa? Do you think you have what it takes to add value to BASF West Africa? If yes is your answer, you are in luck.

Simply visit the link and stay guided by whatever information is provided on BASF West Africa:

Note: The salaries provided above are only estimates and are only for guidance. They can therefore be subject to change

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