12 best affordable watch brands for men

Affordable Watch Brands: Those days, it is usually a simple slogan “you get what you pay for”, especially, when it comes to watches, both in terms of quality and kudos. Dropping a few thousand not only meant you’d get decent mechanics but also boardroom brownie points for sporting a reputable name on your wrist.

watch brandsMost times, you have to blame the Japanese for rampaging the market with timepieces that were cheap and battery-powered during the Quartz Crisis of the 1970s and early 1980s, but anything in the sub-$1000 bracket used to be treated with scorn or even hatred. Thankfully, for the sake of your bank balance at least, it is no longer so, because everything has changed.

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We still don’t know what causes the change today; whether it is as a result of the fact that quartz got cool or that watch brands happen to find out that, not everyone that love and desire watches have sufficient finance to go for it, hence something interesting begin to occur in the mold of cheaper price region.

As with any search for a bargain, you have to know where to look and which brand names to zero in on, but if you do, you could be in with a chance of kitting out your entire watch wardrobe for half the price of an Omega Speedmaster, which was and still remain one of the most expensive watches around.

Talking about these affordable watch brands, we are not only talking about quartz watches from big fashion rooms (no doubt, there are some interesting ones there also), but we are also talking about time pieces from names with amazing design cachet to original automatics.

There is no need for you to go tumbling the whole internet, all in the name of searching for these affordable watches, hence, we have provided you with handy guide that grant you access to the watch brands that are currently making the affordable end of the market worth taking a second look at.

Below are the list of the best affordable watch brands that will amaze you;

Seiko Watch Brands

seiko watch brands

Seiko model watch is a Japanese brand, which produces its own quartz for its battery-powered timepieces and is widely known and interested in in-house productions, that you can get any of its timepieces for under $250. It seems like a bonus, doesn’t it? Meanwhile, this price rate is the utmost reason that Seiko excels.

Thanks to the fact that Japanese creatives are always more reasonably priced than their Swiss counterparts, you can get stylish steel automatics for under $180 (equivalent of 60-65k naira), while it’s groundbreaking kinetic technology means possessing a quartz watch that never needs a battery change. Each watch is also strongly built with a beautifully made design way beyond its price tag. It is indeed an amazing watch!!!

Casio Watch Brands

To most of you, Casio Company is known to you, especially for its gold-plated digital bracelet watch that, during the earlier years, it was the ironic wrist adornment of every fixie-bike riding, flat-white drinking Hackney dweller worth their E9 credentials. But to reduce it to that one signature is to seriously underestimate what this brand has to offer.

The retro nostalgia is still there – in its aptly named Retro collection – but you can also get your hands on world timers, Bluetooth hybrids and styles suitable for scuba diving. Think of the brand as a one-stop-shop for all your watch needs, from digital to dress.

Of all Casio’s numerous brands, the Casio G-Shock is certainly the most appealing. It might not be for the office, but it’s a great sports watch under $80 (the equivalent of 28-30k naira). Casio is a very safe brand when it comes to sports watches. They don’t try to make their watches look better than they are by adding copy stones or gold colored metals.

Most of their products are solid workhorses that add the necessary features, like water resistance for a day at the beach. If you’re looking for a decent sports watch for casual wear, any Casio in this price range is a solid investment. Indeed, it is a wonderful watch, at such a modest price range.

Tissot Watch Brands

The Tissot is a model group, which is certainly the benchmark when it comes to both choice and affordability. You can as well package your entire watch wardrobe from its sub-£300 collections, and, since the brand has been innovating since the 1850s, you can be confident that you’re buying into a real horological (all timekeeping technology) generation.

If you are in need of a dress watch, then, you only need to try its Tradition range. If you have been wondering all over the market for a chronogram (a device which records time and time intervals, that is a stopwatch), the Chrono XL line is where you should draw your line.

It is even possible to get an automatic powered by Swatch Group’s entirely machine-made movement, the Swissmatic. Everything is of such a quality even at its modest tag ($110, the equivalent of 38-40k naira) that you don’t even think, for a moment, that you are just buying an alternative, or that you are changing your mind, probably because of its cheaper rate.

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Timex Watch Brands

Since its introduction in 2011, Timex’s Weekender series has been comprised of good-quality watches at bargain prices. The quartz mechanism lends accuracy, and before you write it off as being too old-school, the watch comes with an Indiglo backlight for night use and—as the name implies—a chronograph function.

Thanks to the large face and hour markers, it was easy to read the watch with a quick glance. We liked the date window near the 4 o’clock mark, too. The heavy brass case had a tendency to shift unless the band was snuggly against our wrist.

Timex, meanwhile, is considered the Everyman of the watch world. Historically, it became renowned for a particular kind of all-American dependability – George Bush Jr wore one, presumably to distract US voters from his upper-class background – but recently it has acquired a certain retro cool.

In 2017, it collaborated with Mr. Porter on a limited run of three special editions inspired by its Vietnam-Era military styles, while models such as its Easy Reader and Weekender are seen on the wrist of interestingly attired men from London to Tokyo.

Like all Weekenders, the Chrono is available in several colors and with numerous fabric and leather bands that are easy to change. From its impressively complex-looking Chronos to its elegant Milanese bracelet Fairfield, Timex’s nostalgia-tinged design language shines through, which is precisely why people continue to wear it, coupled with its cheap tag ($55, which is the equivalent of less than 20,000naira).

Fossil’s Grant

Fossil’s Grant is a beautifully designed watch with some substance. We found ourselves using the stopwatch—displayed as three small dials within the larger face—every day. Reading an exact time from the analog display is more challenging than a digital stopwatch, but it was perfect for our casual needs.

Its 50-meter water resistance rating also provided assurance that the watch wasn’t at risk of breaking from a little sweat or other moisture. If you’re not a fan of the black and brown appearance, Fossil makes the Grant in a variety of case, dial, and strap colors. It is very affordable at $80-$85 dollar price range (equivalent of 28-30,000naira), especially given the fact that it is a water resistant chronogram.

Amazfit Blip

Considering the low price tag it possesses, the Amazfit Bip is a pretty great (although basic) GPS watch. It is very light at 1.1 ounces, just as accurate in its tracking as pricier models. It possesses a polycarbonate case with Corning Gorilla Glass. The most interesting part of it is that, it is a water resistant watch.

The battery life is astounding. We begin our examination when it was 45 percent charged, and didn’t have to touch the power cord once. (Amazfit says it can last more than a month on a single charge.)

We love the very fact that the watch created route maps of our runs, but our examiner reported that the heart rate sensor can be temperamental and the sleep tracking function didn’t always log data. She found the most accurate readings when the watch was firmly held around her wrist.

The touchscreen is intuitive, though many of the watch controls are found on Amazfit’s app, including switching the display to 12-hour versus the default military time. Its price range is under $70, being the equivalent of 23-25k naira.

Swatch Watch Brands

The Swatch brand was produced to be the cheapest watch on the market, and has a name that is a blend of ‘Swiss’ and ‘watch’, though it is said not to have the best credentials for durable success. But, common! It is amazing how much service and long-lasting usage Swatch has got out of some created plastic.

Swatch’s stock in trade seems to be ‘if you can imagine it, we can do it’. It has collaborated with artists and fashion designers, been at the forefront of youth culture – it sponsored the first Breakdance World Championships – and even had the chutzpah to go automatic with a movement assembled by robots in a watch that will get you change from $100, (which is the equivalent of 35-38k naira).

Stührling Watch Brands

It baffles me how so many persons have failed to realize that Max Sturhling was actually a master watchmaker, who studied under Louis Audemars of Audemars Piguet (one of the world’s most popular and celebrated expensive watchmakers).

However, Stührling desired to make well-created wrist chronology that every man could afford. Hence, he left the luxury industry, where he could easily have stayed to build a strong reputation for himself, and rather chose the path, where he could develop a line of watches that sells less than a few hundred dollars.

Many of the watches possesses automatic or mechanical movements. It features so much interesting qualities that will have you wonder how it is managed to be sold for just $100 and below, which is the equivalent of 30-35k naira.

Bertucci A-2S Ballista

Bertucci model is popularly known for its cheap and lightweight field watches. This season, the company doubled down on durability in its skillful series, which includes the A-2S Ballista.

The Ballista has the same heavy-duty nylon strap as many other Bertucci models, but it comes with a premium sapphire crystal, 10-year lithium battery, and up to 25 years of illumination, powered by the tritium gas-filled tubes inside the stainless steel case.

Another interesting part of it is that the watch face automatically glows, despite the fact that the illumination was best suited for low-light situations rather than complete darkness.

As for the screw-down crown, it never dugs in when our wrist was flexed because it’s thoughtfully placed at the 4 o’clock hour (a distinguishing characteristics among Bertucci watches). A secondary dial displays the day of the month up to 31 days, so you’ll need to reset it after the five shorter months in the year.

All of these features are so amazing, especially, when you consider the fact that it is most affordable, with its price ranging from $150-180 (equivalent of 54-60k naira).

Rotary Watch Brands

Some time ago, it wasn’t all about Switzerland. Pre-WWII, Britain – and specifically London – was something of a horological capital. But then Hitler decided to ruin it for everyone, sending thousands of would-be watchmakers (and other artisans) to join the war effort, and causing the industry to go into decline.

It didn’t completely die, though. Despite being born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Rotary is based in the UK, which also serves as its biggest market. So expect a wealth of lines named after famous landmarks and a long history serving households on our home shores.

Sure, Rotary watches may not be crafted in rustic, romantic Clerkenwell workshops anymore. This brand features a high definition features, which is so captivating given its price range, which is available between $180-200, an equivalent of 68-70k naira.

Solgaard the Milano

The Milano is one of the easiest timekeepers that you can see around, which doesn’t even come with a date tracker. But its modern design and two included bands set this watch apart from the rest.

The six-edged copper-colored case is so attractive and earned the company several compliments and accolades. Even though, the minimalist dial lacks numbers, the inclusion of 1-minute markers made it easy to read. It was even easier to swap out the watch bands. While many watches require tools for this procedure, the Milano has a sliding pin mechanism that let us release and attach the bands in seconds flat.

Quite astonishingly, the stylish case looked right at home alongside the (more comfortable) black nylon strap, but for a more formal look, switch to the black stainless steel mesh band. (If you prefer rose gold, then you can go for the Monaco instead.)

And through a partnership with The Plastic Bank, Solgaard pledges to pull 5 pounds of plastic out of the ocean for every product sold. This is a watch that function so well and looks well to boot. It is quite affordable within the price range of $170-$190, which is equivalent of 60-67k Nigerian naira.

Citizen Watch Brands

Citizen has always prided itself on accessible watches. So much so that the Japanese brand was just one manufacturer responsible for the previously mentioned Quartz Crisis, peddling the most accurate watches ever made at a fraction of traditional prices.

It is quite a bad news for Switzerland, but definitely, good news for your wrist and wallet. Today, Citizen has continued the same budget-friendly mantra and offers a wide range of landmark pieces, like its acclaimed Eco-Drive – a line that uses natural or artificial light to power the battery. Which means you won’t have to worry about making another expenses on a replacement. Good news indeed!

The aforementioned Eco-Drive feature was first established in 1979, when it became the first analog quartz movement to be powered by light. Hence, when its price is set at $100 or under (many of their watches with this feature are), then it is quite cheap compared to what it possesses.

Citizen watches are truly quite favorable for the price. Accepted, their $490-$500 timepieces are overwhelmingly overpriced, still, any of its watches priced under $100 (36k naira) are well worth it. They are a very respectable watchmaker and one that is well-known across the whole universe. The case diameter is 39mm, which is an ideal size for most men.

Withings Move Timeless Chic

Touchscreens have made digital displays sleeker than ever, but if you’d prefer an analog face that has the workings of a smart watch, choose the feature-packed Move Timeless Chic.

Withings Move Timeless Chic is a smart analog watch, which boasts an impressive 18-month battery life, and features a secondary dial that acts as a step counter. Most of the watch operation happens in Withings’ app.

With this, you are free to adjust the time, set alarms, check your heart rate, and analyze your sleep and stats from more than 30 activities. (We noticed the most robust tracking when we synced the app with RunKeeper.) We liked the sleep tracking. More so, the alarm has an alternative smart function to vibrate at the optimal point in your sleep cycle to gently wake you up. But for a watch that’s designed to be worn 24/7, it could use some backlighting, and the silicone band was slightly irritating every point in time.

The Move Timeless Chic watch is priced within an affordable range of $145-$150, which is the equivalent of 50-55k naira. This is quite cheap, if you compare it with the smart nature of the watch.

Places to buy the above affordable Watches

Online: By searching eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, Jumia and various discount sites, you’ll probably be able to find the watch you’d buy in the store, but at a fraction of the price.

Department/Local Stores: If you don’t have much time to spend and are just desperate to get a watch on your wrist, another recommendation is to buy at a local department store. They also sell genuine affordable watches, but you also have to be careful and be watchful not to buy a faux or plated gold watch, because they also sell them, particularly, for those of you that are addicted to anything gold.

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